Kari Seierstad

I am concerned with human creative power. And I believe that to awaken this power is existential and organizational necessary to bring out the best in us, experience more meaning and coping.

Creative expression has always been a big part of my life, both personal and professional. A source of inspiration and joy. An opening for intuition, and new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around. Attention to the senses helps me to expand the horizon and be in touch with who I am and all I am a part of.

The challenges in life have taught me about the power of the Now – presence here and now. That it is possible to transform fear to confidence and love.

I want to contribute to a society where there is more room to be everything we are as people.

My background

I have worked with communication and culture for more than 25 years. With commercials and fiction film, with directing- and production management at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), where I was a part of creating NRK 2. I have worked as a producer at our National Theatre. Since 2005 I have been self-employed, doing coaching and facilitation work with groups.

Qualifying as an Expressive Arts coach, I am also qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner and coach, as well as Reteaming coach. Educated in Film Direction and Stage management, and was a part of NRK’s internal training program for Producers and Production management as well.  Additional courses covering holistic thinking, motivation and personal development.

Marit Eikaas Haavimb

Marit-sol-14772I was always curious as a child. Curious about everything from how ants knew they had to support their fellow ant with carrying a dead brother to his grave, to how did the world “happen”, to why did some children go hungry to bed when I was able to eat well – every day.

Since then, “how” fuelled this curiosity further. How do we as human beings support each other in bringing to life our best potential? What do we have to do in order to create meaning, mastery and energy, whether at work or in our daily lives?

I am particularly engaged with how recent research can support mobilizing potential – particularly in children – for us to enhance our creativity, social competences, resilience and respons-ability.

And I know we are connected – like ants – in mysterious ways, way beyond today’s scientific frameworks.

Experience and education

Communication and organizational development from various positions, with different sectors, and in different countries (Norway, Great Britain, Guyana and Uganda) incorporate my working experience.

Master in Business and Public Sector Strategy from Kingston University, Surrey, GB, Social Worker (CQSW), pedagogic from University of Oslo, and Family Therapy and Systems Approach from the Tavistock Institute, London, GB. Certified NLP Master Practitioner and coach, and Solution Focused Reteaming coach. I am formally qualified as a social services supervisor, and have exposed myself to various courses on communication, empowerment and participation, motivation and personal development.

Lately, studying – and using – Inter Personal Neuro Biology (IPNB) and a more recent theory and practical understanding of communication: Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) in life and work. I am also engaged with exploring mindfulness in personal as well as social worlds.